Whisky of The Scottish Islands

The Exmoor White Horse Inn, famous for its ever growing 200 special whiskies and expert knowledge, will be bringing you the low down on the best whiskies from the worlds most renowned whisky regions. Starting on the Scottish coast to the highlands, central Scotland, the lowlands and wales, then around the globe from Europe as far Japan’s oldest distilleries.

This month we explore the Scottish Islands, producing whisky varieties as diverse and rugged as the landscape, varying from the volcanic and smokey Talisker to the nutty Jura. The Islands currently have just one functioning distillery with the exception of Orkney, offering arguably some of the world’s best whiskies including the famous Highland Park and Scapa. We have some perfect winner warming whisky suggestions lined up for you this December.

Starting with The Arran Malt a creamy smooth 10-year malt whisky, offering hints of root and pine nut with a refreshing herby kick. Produced in Scotland’s newest distillery this is sure to refresh the palette for the perfect tipple following a heart winter meal.

The famous Highland Park 8 year offers a smoky, flavorsome punch with a fresh heathery nose. Yet the outstanding Highland Park 12 year, from Scotland’s most northerly distillery, blends a smoky, dry palette with a lingering finish of heather-honey, leaving a warming linger.

For a slightly sweet malty palate that finishes with hints of island saltiness, try the Jura 10 year. For a more sticky intense whisky with hints of smoke and salty peat, finished with a strong dry island saltiness, try the Ledaig 1990 malt.

For a more subtle number perhaps go for the Scapa with hints of peat and salt blended with a noise of gentle heather and vanilla. On the other extreme, one whisky writer has described the Talisker 10 year variety as the lava of the Cullins. This showstopper promises to be both fiery and volcanic with an incredibly smoky, long peaty punch. Perfect to complete any party.

These winter warmers are all available to try at The Exmoor White Horse Inn situated in the heart of the Exmoor National Park. Go on and treat yourself this December. Stay tuned for next month’s January Issue where we will be exploring the Scottish Lowlands, known for having a history of using the Irish practice of triple distillation. Only one distillery in the Scottish Lowlands still uses this method today.


Written by Peter