What’s happening on Exmoor In November?

As a location, Exmoor offers plenty of activities and things to do and see that will really capture the eye and the imagination. Whether it is music, crafts, art or anything in-between that you enjoy you will be able to find a wealth of activities to enjoy in the Exmoor region. November in particular has many great events to look forward to coming up, including;

The Maggini Quarter – 6th November – The Regal Theatre

This brilliant event will allow you to come and see one of the finest string quartet groups in Scotland, as they perform a huge range of different compositions such as no 3 Arnols String Quartet and the Haydyn String Quarter amongst others.

Ralegh’s Cross – 9th November – Ralegh Cross

Are you interested in going on a walking tour of Brendon Village and its nearby iron mines? Then this is the place for you to come and see. The old mineral railway still lies in the background alongside some excellent other parts of a walk which will give you an idea of just how much history and traditional lies within this area.

Archaeology Forum – 14th November – Lynton Town Hall

Are you interested in the world of archaeology and seeing what we can find which came before us? Then this discussion is something you must come along to! With updates on local projects and plenty of information being carried out, you’ll get to understand why archaeology and this area go hand-in-hand.

Winter Garden Celebration – 21st November – Arlington Court

This brilliant little event will help you see the gardens of this region head into their annual slumber, allowing you to meet the artisans behind the gardening themselves and find out about the jobs they carry out each year. This will help you see how various plants survive the winter and how greenery can survive here.

Moor Music – 21st November – The Bottom Ship

This brilliant musical session will let you get in touch with your classical side as you come to see a fantastic show put together by Tom and Barbara Brown of Umber Music.

Christmas Craft & Gifts Fair – 21st November – Porlock Village Hall

As a day with plenty of little events going on all around the area, the Village Hall opens for the annual crafts fair on the 21st, closing on the 22nd. With local experts coming in as well as gaining access to the weird and wonderful objects on sale, you’ll find it easy to find something you truly love here.

Mark Padmore & Morgan Syzmanski – 26th November – The Methodist Church

This fantastic duo are coming to Exmoor and if you enjoy a really deep and extensive concert that covers so many different styles and formats, you should head down to see these guys. Tickets are just £15 so make sure you book up now!

Porlock Santa Festival – 29th November – Porlock Village

A fantastic Christmas Shopping weekend which will let you take in a wide range of unique offers and gifts the likes of which you may never have seen before, all dotted around the village for easy access and simple selection!

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Written by Peter