What’s happening on Exmoor in May?

As ever, May 2016 promises to be a fun and exciting month for everyone who wants to come and visit Exmoor. It’s a location that is definitely going to keep showing exciting and new, natural ways to have fun with the world.

Exmoor is one of the best places in the UK to visit for those who enjoy the scenic route in life, and May promises to live up to your expectations.

Sunday 1st May

The 1st of May is a great time to come here and see the wonderful part of Exmoor, with a 3-day Rock & Roll weekend opening up for those who want to enjoy some great music whilst they are here. Another popular event here is the Civil War Weekend, letting you enjoy a really interesting experience across the weekend that looks absolutely brilliant.

The Exmoor Walking Festival starts at 12:00PM too so for anyone who wants to go on a bit of a trek you’ll find that this is the best part of the region to begin!

Thursday 5th May

On the 5th, you’ll find plenty of cool events to enjoy. The Walking Festival is of course still on, giving you the perfect time to get out there and stretch those legs! The Festival is a fun way to get networking with the locals whilst enjoying the scenery.

For those who want something a little less exerting, you could always go to the Simonsbath Festival Art Exhibition. This is a wonderful occasion that will let you really enjoy a wonderful collection of art that has been put together. It starts at 10:30, so be there sharply!

Monday 9th May

The 9th is a good time to come here and start the week with a fresh set of events and engaging series of fun, exciting things to do. There’s a Painting Workshop on this day at 5:12PM and you could also visit the Simonsbath Festival Art Exhibition at the same time.

Another great event that occurs here is the Combe Martin Seashore Safari, one of the most engaging ways to have some fun in this crazy little place. The 9th is a fun time to come here with the following week full of local activity.

Saturday 28th May

Another great event that is taking place in this month of fun is the 3 Day Live Irish Music Weekend, starting at 07:30AM. This makes Exmoor even more alive than ever before but also gives you a genuine appreciation for this part of the world.

Aside from this, you’ve got things like a Meet & Greet with Paddington Bear, the Minehead County Market, the Family Butterfly Walk and even the Family Crafts Workshop. The choice is open to you so if you want to enjoy Exmoor, make sure you come down on these days!

Written by Peter