Webbers Post On Exmoor

I find Webbers Post a useful area to visit throughout the year for a number of reasons.  In April I am guaranteed the sound of the cuckoo calling loudly across towards Cloutsham Ball with many sightings of this unusual bird over the years.

Looking across to the lower reaches of Dunkery and often in the pastures around Cloutsham Farm, red deer can be seen grazing from this spot and in October sounds of the deer rut carry across the deep wooded valley.  At any time of the year in this place there is no mistaking the loud flight call of a Raven echoing above.  I often spot them at the craggy valley below Webbers Post and around nearby Dunkery.

On my most recent visit to Webbers Post, a couple of the Highland cattle which roam freely, were in a position as though guarding the area.  Huge hairy beasts but fine to pass when treated with respect.

To the right when entering Webbers car park is a wood of many pine trees where Crossbills have been seen, unfortunately not by myself, though the abundance of fir cones must be the attraction.  A Nature Trail through this wood leads you past several large wood carvings which have stood here for more than ten years, blending in amongst the trees and surprising walkers unaware of them on appraoching.

At this time Snowdrop Valley is a very popular Exmoor attraction and will be included in my next visit.  A Park and Ride service goes from Wheddon Cross and walkers can gain access from the village choosing a route to suit their ability.  The website offers some useful information for those with less mobility and local facilities to make the visit memorable.     I am looking forward to it.

As always I stopped of for tea at The Exmoor White Horse Inn for a scrumptious cream tea

Sherryl Woods …………………..18 February 2015

Written by Peter