Summer Fun on Exmoor

Family time is always important. As most people would say, “Family time is Fun time!” in August 2015 there will be an event that just about shows that. This is the Family Wildlife Day to be held at Tarr Steps Meadow TA22 9PY.

The outdoors can definitely be an exciting venue for the families to connect with each other since most of us nowadays would just stay indoors, often sitting comfy at home tinkering with the latest gadgets that are on trend. Exmoor National Park offers you a, surely, memorable and one of a kind experience for each family member. Take the chance on an adventure that will surely be remembered, in heart and in mind, by you and your family even when years go by.

The Family Wildlife Day is a great opportunity for families to enjoy several outdoor activities where everyone can get involved and have a wonderful time. Exmoor National Park will be showcasing various and exciting activities for every member of the family to enjoy. Learn about different species of bugs, and other creatures found in the area. Explore and discover all the unique landscapes you can see in the woodlands, the streams, the hills, the unique wonders that Exmoor National Park offers you and your family in this activity. This would serve as the perfect venue for everyone to enjoy nature’s majestic beauty. But take note, everyone planning to embark on this adventure must have the appropriate equipment and gear, such as the proper footwear and clothing for the outdoors.

This is a great way for the whole family to stay in shape as well! Exmoor National Park offers various facilities for those members of the family who love walking a great way to maintaining your health and your fitness. Why not take your dog along as well, make sure you keep it on a lead where called for.

Does this sound like a good plan to spend a summer’s day? Well it gets better. The Family Wildlife Day is a free event, so you don’t have to worry about any charges to spend quality time with your family.

Do not forget to call back at The Exmoor White Horse Inn for an afternoon cream tea


Written by Peter