Fantastic Fungi

A recent 2 day stay at The Exmoor White Horse Inn gave me the time to explore a few favourite places in the area. The forecast wasn’t the best and travelling down to Exford it was damp and overcast, however, with the mild temperature there was the promise of some fungi to be found.

I took the road out of Exford towards Stoke Pero via Hill Head Cross, having learnt from staff at the hotel that the rut had started. The hills in this area below Dunkery offer good views of the resident deer so a good place to watch and listen for stags.
Many deer were grazing the hill but they were all hinds as far as I could see and a mist was quickly closing in. A good time to return to Exford and check into my room, though I did stop for a short walk and was rewarded with finding some amazing fungi along a hedgerow. I confess to having no knowledge of species and could only marvel at their appearance and photo opportunity.

I was ready then for the comfort of my room in The Lodge before supper and a chance to catch up with the staff on duty. Some are keen walkers and a firm source of information of the area, which is useful for my blogging as they are aware.
The next morning an early breakfast and with plans to find more fungi I travelled back to Wheddon Cross and then took the Dunkery Road to Webbers Post and walked the woods for a while. This area boasts some amazing litchen and in no time I came upon many more types of fungi too.
I must get a book on the subject and start a tick list and come back soon to find those stags.

Written by Peter