Around Exford

Every route in and around Exford I took recently, I noted the beauty of the native Foxgloves, their bulbous pink trumpet flowers rising high from banks of fern and foliage. Whilst the hedges on Exmoor are well maintained and many in the traditional hedge-laying method, some taller beech hedges lean over the road to seemingly ‘shake hands’ with their kith and kin on the other side of the road.

I was hoping to see young Dippers and walked along the River Exe from the Exford car park to the Court Farm bridge. Surprisingly, no Dippers at all but generally lucky in this location, my patience was rewarded. Parent Grey Wagtails were feeding their young fledglings from rocks near the bridge for quite some time. It’s a lovely walk any time of the year and a Public Footpath signpost at the bridge, offers walking in two further directions which I would recommend.

I took the Porlock road out of Exford and over the cattle grid at Hill Head Cross, stopping to look across Exford Common and Great Hill in the hope of spotting deer and possibly with young. There was a herd of around eleven in the far distance with a few grazing away from the herd. With my telescope I was satisfied there was a light yellowish-brown fawn present. They moved further away and I was happy to leave them to it and return someday soon.

Written by Peter