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Posted on October 30 , 2014 In Exmoor White Horse Inn

Exmoor Fine Dining

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Enjoy the flavour of the west in our warm and inviting restaurant where we encourage you to take your time over every meal. Indulge in our five-course menu rich in pheasant, partridge and venison from the Moor, locally caught trout, salmon and lobster and organic produce from surrounding farms.

Our famed Carvery menu is available most evenings and of course for Sunday lunch. With tempting puddings and cheeses, which are hard to resist, and a selection of fine wines, vintage ports and liqueurs to finish off every meal, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

To book a table ring 01643 831229. Visit our new website to see our latest menu The Exmoor White Horse Inn

Posted on October 7 , 2014 In What is Happening on Exmoor

Exmoor Birdspotting

During a recent stay at The Exmoor White Horse Inn I took a pre-supper circular walk in the village via Court Farm. Entering the village car park with the school on my left and River Exe on my right I always check out the stream here and overhanging trees as earlier this year they gave me a good view of a Nuthatch family. None today but some Chaffinch, Robin, Blackbird and Flycatcher showing. Continuing on into the field I kept close to the river being Dipper territory as they nest upstream.

Soon I spotted one on a stone bobbing continuously as they do. It saw me too and flew low upstream on a loud call. Through a gate, the river widens to a fairly deep pool where I sat to watch the trout and feel the quietness there. On a patch of gravel at the water’s edge a Grey Wagtail came with a high-pitched metallic call. A very pretty bird with distinctive yellow underparts. Whilst there a Kingfisher landed on an overhanging branch opposite me but didn’t stay to fish.

Before walking on a farmer and his dog arrived in the field behind me to move the sheep on. I am a fan of the ‘One Man and His Dog’ program so watched the collie control the flock with whistles and shouts with huge interest awarding maximum points!. Moving on the water quickens falling over large rocks in the river and then another gate found me at Court Farm Bridge where a Public Footpath signpost offers Higher Combe and Lyncombe a mile each to the left.

Usually I spend some time on the bridge where Dippers feed in the fast water. Today, however, some chaps were working under the bridge to dam the water away from the left bank to repair the wall. Whilst using nets to rescue young trout trapped in the shallow water they also found Crayfish. Being predators these didn’t go to my ‘tick list’ but interesting to see them. Following on over the bridge and to the right in the County Road direction narrows uphill with pretty hedges either side. Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Hazelnut and bearing fruit and below them the Foxgloves now dying back into the bracken and gone to seed. Looking through the hedge to the right it was interesting to see how high I now was from the River Exe where I had earlier walked.

This road at the top then widened to a grass triangle where I took a right turn down the hill to the hotel bridge. The whole walk including bird-watching and sheepdog intervals took around 2 hours and certainly gave me a good appetite for my supper and being a Thursday it was ‘Pie Night’ at  The Exmoor White Horse .

Sherryl Woods …………….6 October 2014

Posted on September 8 , 2014 In What is Happening on Exmoor

Dunkery Beacon, Exmoors highest point

Exmoor pony
There are several routes up to Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor’s highest point.  A favoured walk up of mine is to approach from the Cloutsham area near Bagley Coombe.  Yesterday I followed Dickie’s Path where the little wooden signpost indicates 1 ½ miles to Dunkery.  The stoney track goes down to where shallow water crosses the path.

I often see Jays and Thrushes in the Rowan trees here, the red berries are the attraction.  An Exmoor Pony was drinking from the little stream then proceeded to graze nearby joining two others and two foals.  The path then rises to the left and levels out and offers great views all around.  An OS map is useful in picking out the contours of the landscape and local landmarks.

This wide open heathland of heather and gorse is ideal for spotting the pretty Stonechat and Whinchat.  Buzzards and Raven were taking advantage of the thermals in the sun.  The path now levels, passing a mini forest of short hawthorn trees to the left and to the right looking up the hill with binoculars I picked out a couple of groups of red deer grazing.  I have to get the correct perspective when scanning the vastness of the landscape hoping to spot the deer.  Once I have found one then more come into view.

The path now heads down to a steeper wooded coombe and again with water to cross and then left again to rise steeply.  Looking back, the tops of the beech trees just passed are hiding the view of my start point.  From here the path is straight again and any route to the right and up the hill will lead to Dunkery Beacon though the actual monument is not quite visible until I climb higher following a sheep track or walkers trail.

I can see a much larger herd of deer in the distance so walk further along the same path to get a closer look before they see me.  For some time I can sit and watch the deer, all hinds, grazing and progressing down and then realise a group of walkers are way back behind them but descending my way.  Rather than disturb the deer further by climbing the hill, I make my way back slowly and spend some time taking in the view across Porlock Bay before finding the pony group again.

As usual a well earned stop at The Exmoor White Horse Inn is always welcome

Sherryl Woods………………………………8 September 2014

Posted on August 30 , 2014 In Exmoor White Horse Inn

September Sizzler Offer

Summer is still with us here on Exmoor – just!
And so is our Summer Sizzler Offer!

Book now to make the most of our Summer Sizzler 2014,
Not only enjoy our discounted prices but
take advantage of Free Strawberries and Cream on arrival
plus a Free Exmoor Cream Tea.
The Summer Sizzler has never before been offered in September
but must end September 30th so book now to avoid disappointment
Some dates are already nearly full!
Tel 01643 831229
or email enquires @exmoor-whitehorse.co.uk